Buzz50 Dating claims to be the very best site for successful dating on The Net, bar none, whether you are looking for a new friend, lover, partner or even more. You will find the site at
This is a very bold claim but one which the site’s owners, Mila and Mike are proud to defend and prove. Most of you will be aware that Mila and Mike met on the Buzz50 Dating site in November 2011 and res still, as they say, ‘going strong’!

A bold claim but one which is very easy to justify!

Dating using traditional measures can be likened to fishing in the local pond. You know what you are likely to catch, there is not much choice and you will have to make do with whatever you are lucky enough to get.

Online dating on the other hand gives you the freedom of going out of your village and into the streams, lakes, rivers and seas where you will find a huge range and choice of fish to catch.

On top of this you are given a very powerful search system where you can pre-determine just what you are going to catch.

A dog that is a partner for life

We have all heard of the saying 'A dog is for life, not just for Christmas' but how about this for a saying?
A partner is for life, not just for Christmas!

Are you looking for a partner; maybe even one for life?
To be fair, we can try out new partners without making that 'for life' commitment; we can and should get to know and even perhaps meet a wide as possible range of possible before making that commitment.

Over 50s finding love online photo

So you are looking for love and you have heard that it can be found online; but how?
Diving into online dating blindly is not a great idea and can get you into all sorts of awkward and difficult to get out of situations so it's worth taking your time, doing a bit of research and doing it properly.

The first thing to do is to decide just what you want. Are you looking for a quick permanent relationship or wanting to try out a series of more casual relationships?

exaggerate dating profile

81 percent of people lie about their height, weight, age or salary in their online dating profiles

Are you happy with just how you are?

It seems that many of us are not, or at least a recent online dating survey seems to suggest this.

Online dating over 50 works!

What better reason could there be to try dating online if you are a senior over 50?

Come along to where it is free to join, search and match with your perfect partner.

There are 3 golden rules that you should follow if you are to succeed in dating online over 50:

First impressions count, even when you are dating over 50!

The importance of a good and accurate Avatar Photo cannot be overstressed; it can make or break that first contact or reply. succed

Here are ten points when choosing a photo:

What age difference is acceptable or sensible in a relationship?

Is a big age gap between lovers, partners and married couples a problem?

Does it matter how big the age difference is?

You can have your say and take part in a Poll about this on the Buzz50 website forums by clicking this link:

Losing a partner is probably one of the worst things that happens in our lives and some of us never get over it.

One of the questions that Mila and I are often asked is when is it time to start looking for another partner. When is too soon?

It may seem like a callous question to be thinking of finding a new partner whilst still grieving for a lost loved one but some of us, many of us I believe, need a significant other, need love and almost require company.

Free Online Dating for over 50s

 Would you pay to be a member of an over 50s dating site?


There are hundreds of online dating sites on The Net all plying their wares trying to get us to join.


Some of them are free to join and use in all areas, there is never a charge.


Others are free to join but require a subscription once you want to arrange a date.


A few charge for joining.


Which of the above would you consider joining?

Online dating has taken off here in the UK with over £5 billion being spent in 2015, up from £4 billion in 2014.

More and more singles are finding that it is money well spent and that dating online really can work.

What of the free dating sites? These have their place but the professionally run sites who charge for their services can then afford to give a professional service and employ highly trained people to help members and weed out romance scammers.

The average cost of a date is £127 in the UK, more than any other European country pays. This cost is made up of transport, entertainment including a meal, gifts, hairdressing, clothing and so on.

Brits, it seems, are prepared to pay far more than daters in other countries to woo their partners.

magnolia bud in the spring

Spring is in the air and many singles' thoughts turn to happier things such as gardening, trips out and yes, dating!
Many of us have managed to get through the winter as singles but can you face a bright and cheerful Spring on your own?
If the answer to this is either no, 'maybe not' or 'I don't know' then perhaps now is the time for you to finally take the plunge and give online dating a chance.

One of the busiest times of the year for online dating is the build up to Valentine’s Day and that has now begun!

There are literally millions of single people out there looking for their perfect partner and most of them want to find Mr or Mrs Right before the magic day on February the 14th.

More over 50s are turning to online dating to find new love, romance and maybe even a new partner and 2016 looks like being a record year for over 50 dating.
Have you started your dating journey yet?

More and more people are meeting in different ways to the how we used to meet in the past but can you really find true love online or through an app?

A recent survey by the USA statistics site found that 17% of US marriages last year involved people who met on a dating site -

So are these couples that are getting hitched after online meetings really finding love or is what they have something else entirely?

The average length of ‘courtship’ for those couples who did meet online was 18.5 months compared with that of 42 months for those who met in the more traditional way, offline. So what does that I itself tell us about online dating? 

woman opening dating reply

So you have uploaded a photo and filled out your dating profile.
What happens next?
Well, not a lot if you haven't done the basics properly!
Here we have 5 tips on how to get more dating profile vies and replies.