magnolia bud in the spring

Spring is in the air and many singles' thoughts turn to happier things such as gardening, trips out and yes, dating!
Many of us have managed to get through the winter as singles but can you face a bright and cheerful Spring on your own?
If the answer to this is either no, 'maybe not' or 'I don't know' then perhaps now is the time for you to finally take the plunge and give online dating a chance.

The first question that you should ask yourself is what exactly are you looking for? Friendship, romance, casual meetings or maybe a full blown relationship that could even lead to co-habiting or even marriage?
All of these are available to you in the world of online dating and it is entirely up to you where your journey starts and ends.

As I have said in virtually every article here on Buzz50 Over 50s Dating, it is far better for you to do the searching than to wait for others to search for and find you. This way you can control the type of person that you are likely to find and maybe even meet, one day.

Spring is a great time to start on your online dating journey as the days are starting to get longer, there is new life appearing all around us and things just seem to feel that little bit better than they did last month.

If you have the money available to treat yourself to a new dress, shirt, shoes and maybe even more then this is a great way to boost your self-confidence. If not then get out your Spring clothes and decide which of them make you feel the best.

See if you can get some photos taken of you for your soon to be completed dating profile, some inside, some outside, some full body (clothed!) and some head and shoulders. Be proud of how you look now as this is the person that your prospective dating partner will see, not last year or last century's you!

So Spring is truly in the Air and you simply must get ready for an exciting, safe and fun dating experience.

Happy Dating