Free Online Dating for over 50s seniors

 Would you pay to be a member of an over 50s dating site?


There are hundreds of online dating sites on The Net all plying their wares trying to get us to join.


Some of them are free to join and use in all areas, there is never a charge.


Others are free to join but require a subscription once you want to arrange a date.


A few charge for joining.


Which of the above would you consider joining?

 The apparently obvious answer is not, it seems, the best one.
We all like getting something for free and many Internet users feel that everything on the internet should be free. Nothing, of course, is truly free so how do the so called free dating sites survive and where do they get their money from?
Let's look at the three different types of online dating sites and examine how they survive and make money, because believe me, they are in it to make money and those who don't soon disappear.
The dating over 50 sector is expanding faster than any other dating sector and simply Googling over 50 dating will bring back thousands of results and a plethora of advertisements!
The so called 'free' sites still need to pay their way and so need to get your money in some other way than charging a monthly subscription.
The first and most obvious way is through advertising on the site. This can be extremely lucrative as the traffic generated by what appears to be free online dating can be huge and so the exposure that advertisers get is similarly huge. This may of course not bother you, who cares about a bit of advertising after all?
The second and less obvious way that the free sites generate an income is through their 'sister' sites which are not free. These sites are usually cleverly marketed and targeted to the free members depending on what the dating member has put in their profile and how they are using the free site. Clever marketing tempts the free member to join the 'sister' site and to progress, yes, you guessed it, a subscription is needed!
The free to join but subscribe to date sites form the majority of dating sites and are by far and away the most successful and long lived. They have a business plan, the heart of which has to be customer satisfaction as an unhappy customer will soon stop paying the subscription, if they ever started in the first place!
Being able to plan their income and expenditure, these sites usually have a professional support team and technical staff. This gives them the ability to stay at the forefront of modern technology and to provide excellent customer service.
There is also one seemingly bonus benefit for members of these free to join but subscribe to date sites and that is that to subscribe, members need to provide bank or card details which in turn makes them identifiable and therefor traceable! Romance Scammers and 'Married' daters are very aware of this and tend to steer clear, opting instead for the free sites.
 The third category, the dating sites that even charge you for the privilege of joining are in the minority and usually quite exclusive. They are usually specialist sites, often attempting to appeal to more affluent daters who realise the benefit of keeping free members at bay!
There are obvious benefits to these sites and those who join realise this before parting with their hopefully hard earned cash!
So, of the three types above, which would you consider joining?
There is nothing wrong with trying out a free site as long as you understand the possible pitfalls. Keep your wits about you at all times and make sure that you are talking to a genuine person before giving away any contact details at all, particularly financial information!
The pay to contact sites are the most common type and this is the section that the Buzz0 Dating site falls into. Most of them are free to join, search and match so that you can get a good idea as to whether the site is going to suit your needs before parting with a penny.
The pay to join sites are a different kettle of fish altogether. Do as much research as you can before parting with any money; try Googling 'site name' and see what others are writing about the site.
Online dating for over 50s is a relatively new phenomenon but can be great fun and very rewarding. Just ask Mila or Mike ;)