First impressions count, even when you are dating over 50!

The importance of a good and accurate Avatar Photo cannot be overstressed; it can make or break that first contact or reply. succed

Here are ten points when choosing a photo:

  1.     A full body shot (not naked, dressed!) is ideal
  2.     The photo should not have another person obviously cut off it as it may make you look like a loser! One or two additional photos should show you with a friend or two so as to show you have some :)
  3.     Make it recent! You are hopefully one day going to meet the viewers of your photo.
  4.     Dress smartly but casually and in the way you feel most comfortable.
  5.     Smile!
  6.     Indoor photos for women and outdoor ones for men
  7.     No selfies - don't you have any friends who care enough to photograph you?
  8.     No pets or animals - these can put off over 50% of viewers even if they are pet lovers themselves
  9.     No, simply no children for a whole host of reasons.
  10.     Your photo should make you look normal, not extreme in any way
  11.     No photos including alcohol

I went one over the 10 there but never mind.
Creating a great profile photo or avatar for online dating cannot be overstressed.
Get it right!