exaggerate dating profile

81 percent of people lie about their height, weight, age or salary in their online dating profiles

Are you happy with just how you are?

It seems that many of us are not, or at least a recent online dating survey seems to suggest this.

81 percent of online daters lie about at least one aspect of their appearance.

Top of the list is, unsurprisingly, age. On average, people knock 8 years off their actual age when completing their dating profiles. It has long been known that people are liable to tell fibs about their age and it is enlightening to know just how common it is and to what extent age is understated.

Weight comes next and rather than specifying precise figures, it tends to be explained in terms such as cuddly, athletic, a few extra pounds and so on. The commonest way that we fib about our weight is through photos which show a lighter version of our current self.

Height is an interesting one and is mostly confined to men. If we were to believe dating profiles then most of our men are 6 feet tall! The actual exaggeration by men is an average of 2 inches. Women are more likely to claim to be shorter if they are particularly tall, and taller if short.

How much we earn is another measure that others can judge us by and it is a difficult one to disprove. This is the area in which the biggest exaggerations happen with some of us claiming to earn a massive 4 times what we actually get.

So, are you comfortable in your own body or would you prefer to exaggerate or maybe understate?