Lord Alan Sugar’s  BBC TV programme ‘The Apprentice’ is due to start a new series on the 14th October 2014 and this reminds me of one of the many reasons why Mila and I are so proud of the Buzz50 dating site.
On the 19th June 2013 the task that The Apprentice candidates had to perform was to create a brand new online dating site. For this task the programme makers chose to enlist the help of ‘Global Personals’, the very same international dating site company that Buzz50 over 50s seniors dating is part of.
One team chose to create a specialist dating site for young professionals, the other one for seniors over 50!
Here is a link to the show on YouTube, I will not spoil your enjoyment by telling you the outcome but believe me, it is worth a watch.

Before Lord Alan Sugar and his team chose Global Personals, I chose them to host our Buzz50 Dating site and for, I’m sure, similar reasons. Global personals run a huge number of dating sites for the likes of The Telegraph, Smooth Radio and many other well-known brands. They have a team of over 120 professionals who manage the sites and can assist members either by phone (free!) or online chat. It is mostly because of the amazing support that they offer that I chose them.
By joining the Buzz50 Dating site you are opening up the possibility of searching through over a million members, many of which will be very close to where you live. The members come from not just Buzz50 but from the other sites in the Global Personals network.
Mila and I spend a lot of time supporting and helping members who join both the Buzz50.com social site and this, the dating site. We of course met on the site and are great advocates of online dating. You can take a look at the Buzz50 Dating site by clicking here.
If you have any doubts or questions about dating online then you are welcome to contact either of us on the Buzz50.com social site or email
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Happy dating!